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Hi. I'm Jackson Mackenzie. I started this website to promote the projects I support with my music (please read below). Of course, a rising tide raises all ships, which is why I have turned it into a bulletin board of good country / bluegrass / gospel music and musicians in Edmonton and Northern Alberta communities.

I hope you find this site informative. Please come back often to see all the great events coming up. Add us to your favorites list and tell all your friends. If you want your own local group, band or event (amateur or professional) promoted, please contact me at jac.mackenzie.show@gmail.com. This is a FREE service. Remember to check out our sponsors, as they help to keep us here!

Jac & Jessi team up with Water For Life In Africa

Jac & Jessi (Jackson Mackenzie & Jessi Jo Charles), a country / bluegrass / gospel duo from Spruce Grove / St. Albert, reached a long-time goal in 2008 of paying for a water well to be drilled in a village in Malawi, Africa.

Having sponsored third-world children for 10 years (Jackson currently personally sponsors 100 Ugandan orphans annually to go to school through a non-profit organization called F.A.C.E. (Free African Children through Education), a Canadian Christian charity founded by Marta Roffey), he had long wished to pay for a well. In 2008, his obligations to his 100 orphans were met by the end of August, so he had 4 months to work on his new goal.

Within days of meeting his Ugandan obligations Jackson read in the Spruce Grove Examiner about a local Stony Plain water well drilling family involved in drilling water wells in Malawi. He contacted Regina Summers, the founder of Water For Life In Africa , and got acquainted with their program. Then Jackson invited 2006/2007 CCMA Chevy Rising Star nominee Brett Kissell to join Jessi and him in putting on a concert in Edmonton to raise money for a well. Combining the money raised there with Christmas concert earnings, CD sales and daily extended care home appearances, he was able to raise the $7200 required to get a well drilled in Malawi. Jac & Jessi's picture appeared in the Feb. 13, 2009 editions of the Stony Plain Reporter and the Spruce Grove Examiner, making the presentation to Regina Summers of Water For Life In Africa.

Although Jessi is no longer singing with Jackson, she continues to personally support third-world children and other charities.

Jackson would love to hear from you and appreciates your support of his on-going projects to help a needy world.